It is important to measure and interpret employee satisfaction

Measuring employee satisfaction is extremely important as it provides valuable insights into employee behaviour, attitudes, experiences and ideas. Armed with this information, HR and management can take steps to support the retention of talented employees and contribute to the success of the company. Perhaps never before has measuring and interpreting employee satisfaction been as important […]

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The EU AI Act and CHEQ

As Artificial Intelligence (AI) becomes more and more embedded in different aspects of our daily lives, concerns about the potential risks and ethical implications of AI are growing. The EU has recently approved the content of the AI Act, a comprehensive regulatory framework that aims to address these concerns and promote the trusted and responsible […]

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Organise a family day easily using CHEQ

More and more companies are organising family open days for their employees and their families. The idea is to create a stronger and more cohesive community and to shape and strengthen the company culture while everyone has fun at the event. This has a positive impact on employee and overall company performance. However, organising, managing […]

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Barriers and success factors for business digital innovation

Innovation has always played a key role in the life of businesses. It creates competitive advantage by making work more efficient and production more productive. But today, we cannot talk about innovation without talking about digitalisation in the organisation. It is only through digital innovation that companies can keep pace with their competitors. This is […]

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Innovation is the secret to long-term business success

Everyone knows that innovation is essential for long-term business success. But when we talk about innovation, many people limit their thinking to the latest technological tools. However, innovation does not stop there, despite the fact that, with Industry 4.0 and the rise of generative artificial intelligence, technology is now an almost inescapable part of innovation. […]

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A belső kommunikáció nem vállalati közösségi háló
Internal communication is not a corporate social network

As early as 2012 there was a McKinsey study, in which we have seen that 72% of the companies have been already using some form of social technology, such as intranets. And since Covid, this number has certainly increased. After all, the technology has evolved, the workforce has rejuvenated and of course the pandemic meant […]

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How does digital internal communication help improve employee experience?

Retaining a skilled workforce is one of the crucial challenges for companies. Setting up a positive working environment has risen to the top of the list for company executives and HR experts, aiming to ensure employees feel appreciated and valued. The two main ingredients that definitely help in this are: employee experience and engagement. Employee […]

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Self-service channel to reduce HR workload

We all appreciate getting our matters sorted out promptly. And a well- run digital HR self-service does just that. It enables employees to tackle various administrative matters without needing to bother the HR team. Say goodbye to waiting in lines and enduring long waits – both HR and the employees can dedicate their time to […]

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Why does data-driven internal communications matter?

All companies communicate with their employees in one way or another. Though the frequency, quality, and strategy behind the communication efforts can drastically impact employee engagement and overall success. Just think about those notes posted on restroom doors, cafeteria walls, or locker rooms. These are all real-life examples of internal company communication. Yet, there’s room […]

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Eager to improve? Here’s how: Embracing change management and escaping comfort zones

When organizations undergo changes or introduce new technologies, it’s crucial to consider the challenges, especially those that directly affect employees. Unlike other resources, the human workforce makes decisions, evolves, and its opinions shape its attitude towards work. This employee attitude is a pivotal factor in the success of any business transformation or the implementation of […]

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Тихото напускане – вътрешна комуникация и феноменът на тихото отказване
Quiet quitting – internal communication and the quiet quitting phenomenon

The term ‘quiet quitting’ can be misleading, as it is not about resignation or stopping work altogether. Its main feature is that workers do what they are contracted to do, no more, no less. This may not sound so bad at first, but it suggests other hidden processes and problems that, if not addressed by […]

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Improving emotional intelligence (EQ) can also improve business performance - but what does it take?
Improving emotional intelligence (EQ) can also improve business performance – but what does it take?

Previous studies have already shown that there is a strong correlation between a company’s performance and employee engagement. It has also been shown that employee engagement is not independent of the emotional intelligence of the leader. A lack of emotional intelligence makes it much harder to strive for results. EQ is a more reliable predictor […]

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Embrace the change - Change management with CHEQ
Employee engagement: the only possible route to profit

Unsurprisingly, financial success is directly proportional to employee engagement at most large companies. However, employee engagement is largely dependent on the company’s internal communication. Only those colleagues become truly engaged employees with whom management communicates well, who receive the right amount of feedback, who are recognised for their work and who experience transparency in their […]

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Employee retention of Generations Y and Z
The next generation does not want to work with the technology of the past

In the next decade, most large companies will be employing members of the current Generation Y and Z. Companies are looking for young people specifically because of their critical digital skills (among others), yet, they find it increasingly harder to retain Gen Y & Z. There are two main reasons for this: firstly, Generation Y […]

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We support Ukraine – with a free internal communication platform that can be implemented in a few hours

We believe that live internal communication is vital to the operation of any company, and as it is vital, it should also be simple for all. Currently, 3 companies use our multilingual platform in Ukrainian. Based on this experience, we would like to help any company that employs Ukrainian workers or helps to rescue and […]

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HR digitalisation
Benefits of HR digitalisation with CHEQ, the multiplatform internal communication tool

Digitalisation of HR processes is not the future, it is the present The essence of the 21st century is digitalisation and this is especially true since the start of the pandemic. The digitisation of HR processes has become an absolute necessity for working efficiently. The era of stamped paper is long gone, but there is […]

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Dr Eva Paocz and Akos Deliaga
Measurable communication in-house

“Hungarian business leaders know that proactive and regular management communication clearly contributes to increasing employee engagement. The problem is that by their own admission they don’t have the right tools to measure it. This is particularly true for companies with a high number of non-office workers,” said CEO Dr Éva Palócz, commenting on the key […]

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Ferling, Ispiro Conslting, Talk-A-Bot joining forces
Joining forces to improve internal communication

Launched 13 years ago and constantly evolving with the changes of the Hungarian corporate communication culture, today Ispiro Consulting provides support for management decisions with more and more well-known and recognized expert competence – we talked to the managing director and senior partner of Ispiro Consulting Ltd. as the company signed a strategic alliance agreement […]

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CoronaHR 2.0: workload of HR departments increased

In terms of crisis management measures, the managerial task of revising corporate and business strategies and increasing organizational efficiency have become more important compared to the first epidemic wave. In addition, the provision of human resources was a priority for businesses in the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, and consequently, labor administration also increased […]

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Onboarding and Elearning with CHEQ
Train your team quickly and efficiently

Whether it’s onboarding, fire and emergency training, work-related e-learning courses or knowledge assessment tests, regular training is the backbone of any dynamic organization. Digitize and automate your entire corporate e-learning and training with CHEQ! Improve the skills and professional knowledge of your employees through user-friendly gamified e-learning, sharing videos, presentations and documents. Check your team’s […]

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Zsuzsanna Szvetelszky and Laszlo Mezriczky
Chatbot for gossip control

Launched 13 years ago, it has evolved with the changes in the Hungarian corporate communication culture, and today it provides support for management decisions with increasingly well-known and recognized expertise – we talked to the CEO and senior partner of Ispiro Consulting Ltd. on the occasion of the strategic cooperation agreement with Talk-a-Bot. Is 13 […]

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