The EU AI Act and CHEQ

EU-s AI törvény  és a CHEQ

As Artificial Intelligence (AI) becomes more and more embedded in different aspects of our daily lives, concerns about the potential risks and ethical implications of AI are growing. The EU has recently approved the content of the AI Act, a comprehensive regulatory framework that aims to address these concerns and promote the trusted and responsible use of AI.

Why is the EU AI Act being discussed?

The CHEQ platform includes AI-enabled features that facilitate HR and other administrative activities. These features include:

  • answering frequently asked questions
  • sending personalised and automated messages
  • built-in automatic translation
  • real-time data analysis, and
  • identity verification through the GoodID framework to ensure the authenticity of digital signatures.

4 levels of risk for AI

The EU AI legal act sets out a number of rules and requirements for the development and deployment of AI systems in the EU. According to these rules, AI systems can be classified into four risk levels:

  • unacceptable risk
  • high risk
  • limited risk
  • minimal risk

Anything that clearly threatens people’s safety, livelihoods and rights, from social scoring by governments to games that encourage dangerous behaviour, falls into the category of unacceptable risk and will be banned.

CHEQ does not fall into the unacceptable risk category because it is designed to promote safer, more efficient and productive human work, not to endanger it.

How does CHEQ make this possible?

A safe workplace

With CHEQ, workers can quickly and easily report dangerous and emergency situations so that company/factory management can deal with them as soon as possible. This helps to reduce the number of accidents at work and create a safer working environment.

The feature is easy to use and always available as a solution for reporting dangerous situations, as CHEQ works on a mobile phone, which is usually close to people.

CHEQ helps create a safe working environment

Efficient work

  1. Managing FAQs

Together with customers, a company-specific CHEQ database is created, which allows the chatbot to independently provide correct answers to frequently asked questions by employees. This frees up time for employees who are often asked the same questions by colleagues (e.g. HR). Instead of having to repeat the answer over and over again, they can focus on more useful and valuable activities.

In addition, physical workers no longer have to waste valuable breaks waiting for a response at the door of the HR department. Instead, they can get immediate answers to their questions through CHEQ.

  1. Personalised and automated messages

You only need to teach the CHEQ app once, when each employee’s documents expire or when they need to get some basic clearance or the results of their medical fitness test. After training, no one has to remember these expiry dates, yet everyone can be sure that the system will remind the employee in time. This ensures a smooth and continuous workflow that does not need to be interrupted by renewing expired documents.

  1. Built-in automatic translation

With CHEQ’s built-in translator, you can translate your message into multiple languages in seconds at the touch of a button. So your foreign employees can read your messages in their own language or the one they understand best. What’s more, if a foreign employee sends a message via the app’s buttons, for example in Korean, the person handling the message will read it in their own language.

With a translator, there are no more language barriers, misunderstandings or waiting for an interpreter. Workflows run smoothly and all employees are aware of the company’s strategy and their role in it.

  1. Real-time data analysis

In the past, companies employing mostly manual workers faced problems because they could not accurately measure how many employees read the notices posted on their bulletin boards. With CHEQ, however, you can track in real time how many employees have received the message, when they viewed it and even measure feedback. This allows you to react immediately to specific situations and take further action if necessary.


A notification states that factory X will be up and running and producing its products within a week, in accordance with parameters A and B. Thanks to real-time data analysis, you will know exactly who did not read the message. You’ll know exactly who to contact for information to work smoothly and in line with your business strategy.

CHEQ features make work more productive

Work more productively

Digital signature

With CHEQ, you can also access a digital signature solution, powered by GoodID. GoodID provides authentic digital identification of individuals, enabling them to sign official documents. CHEQ allows multiple persons to sign multiple documents instantly after identification through GoodID. For example, year-end contract amendments affecting everyone, which can often number in the thousands in larger companies and factories, can be signed by the managing director in a matter of seconds. What used to take days is now a matter of moments. Digital signatures are also a great solution for many other situations, speeding up work by days and helping to increase productivity.

Digital employee coordination

CHEQ is an AI-powered corporate internal communication platform that enables digital coordination of employees to increase productivity. It includes features that support more productive work, such as the aforementioned digital signature, corporate knowledge base, employee surveys, tests and functions that facilitate the organisation of corporate events, all of which speed up work. The time saved can then be spent on other value-adding tasks.

Filtering communication noise

CHEQ also provides employers and employees with a communication channel that ensures communication noise is filtered out. In a communication where everyone communicates with everyone else, important information is not lost as it is when messaging through Facebook-like social networks. Plus, thanks to automatic translation, everyone can read and write messages in their own language. And finally, all employees can be fully aware of what is happening within the company and their role in the business strategy. By working consciously, purposefully and in a coordinated way, productivity also increases.

To find out more about how CHEQ can improve your company’s productivity, request a free demonstration presentation!