Measurable communication in-house

“Hungarian business leaders know that proactive and regular management communication clearly contributes to increasing employee engagement. The problem is that by their own admission they don’t have the right tools to measure it. This is particularly true for companies with a high number of non-office workers,” said CEO Dr Éva Palócz, commenting on the key findings of the internal communication survey conducted by the Kopint-Tárki Institute for Economic Research in summer 2020, targeting senior managers in domestic companies.

“Tightening the communication relationship with employees and measuring its impact and results every minute: this is one of the key lessons for 2020. The Hungarian-developed CHEQ, which can be activated within 24 hours, is easy to use and offers a solution to deepen the relationship with employees that meets all management expectations.” – said Ákos Deliága, CEO of Talk-A-Bot.

In the summer of 2020, the Kopint-Tark Economic Research Institute and Talk-A-Bot conducted a joint survey among 100 company managers (with more than 150 employees) on the use of internal corporate communication and their opinions on it.