While CHEQ solves internal two-way communication between the management and employees for every kind of organization, its true power lies in its flexibility. Its key features are easy to customize to meet the unique demands of any industry and reflect their specific processes and communication needs.

Logistics industry

Locational diversity - the core characteristic of the logistics industry - makes the ability to immediately reach and connect to all of the employees even more important. Should your colleagues be on the road, at a depot or in the office, with CHEQ they are all just a click away, day or night. Don’t let geographical distance stop your workers from managing their admin tasks, empower them with a self-service admin and knowledge system and

It's not just manufacturing companies that don't have employees sitting in front of a machine all the time

“We are a logistics company working with truck drivers, storage workers and admin personnel. Obviously, we cannot meet our drivers and stockkeepers all the time, so we did have a struggle with communicating with them. The benefits of introducing CHEQ were instantly evident to us.”

Zoltán Valentinyi
CEO, Havi Logistics Kft.

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