With CHEQ, you can enjoy the best of two worlds – the simplicity and intuitive usability of chat apps, equipped with state-of-the art HR and organization development expertise to connect, engage, manage your colleagues and more.

CONNECT to your colleagues

Bridge the communication gap between the management, office and deskless workers.

Sending a corporate announcement via CHEQ.

Send announcements

share news, updates, changes regularly with your employees

Enrich the message

with pictures, attachments, voice and video files easily with a wizard-based announcement editor, even in multiple languages in parallel

Configure the target group

send the message to all employees or a specific group of them

Message one-on-one

reach out privately or respond to an incoming message in a one-on-one conversation

Access on multiple platforms

employees can keep using their favorite chat platform, as CHEQ is available via Viber or MS Teams chats or as a native app on their private or company smartphone

ENGAGE the entire organization

MANAGE your internal processes

MEASURE the result of your communication

SHAPE the system to your needs

… and more! There are endless opportunities to build new features on existing functions or develop brand new ones. Get in touch with us to learn about our latest developments and discuss your unique needs!

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