About us

Everyone onboard. CHEQ.

We believe that live internal communication is vital for the successful operations of any business. Since it’s vital, it must be simple – for everyone involved.

That’s why we make sure that even if we use the most advanced technologies of AI, NLP and Machine Learning, our software is easy to use for every single member of the organization.
No training, no previous education, no background knowledge needed.

Just a simple, intuitive, user-friendly chat solution for everyone.

How do we do that, and who is behind the software?

Our Multi-skilled Team

Chatbot developers

Our roots are in chatbot development, through our parent company, Talk-a-bot, so we have access to their world-class technology used by 4.5+ million users around the globe. Exploiting their extensive experience of automating communication together with CHEQ’s HR-focused approach creates a tested and proven internal communication solution for every company.

HR experts

In addition to solving internal communications problems, we are committed to equip our software with features that can address important HR-related challenges, such as increasing engagement, motivation, retention, easy onboarding, training and performance management while creating an inclusive, supporting company culture. As experienced HR-professionals, we understand how valuable time is to connect with the employees, that’s why we work on automating admin tasks, digitizing and streamlining processes wherever possible.

Organizational development and communication professionals

“A tool is as good as the team using it” the saying goes. We make sure that your team is equipped with all the skills and knowledge to make the most of CHEQ. Our communications experts, organizational development advisors and agency partners are all at your service from auditing your existing communications to sharing best practices and support you with communication campaigns so that you can create a healthy organization with connected, empowered colleagues.