Self-service channel to reduce HR workload

We all appreciate getting our matters sorted out promptly. And a well- run digital HR self-service does just that. It enables employees to tackle various administrative matters without needing to bother the HR team. Say goodbye to waiting in lines and enduring long waits – both HR and the employees can dedicate their time to more crucial duties. A current survey reveals that 60% of HR tasks involve administration, which the self-service channel can trim by a substantial 40%.

How self-service channels help HR

An employee self-service channel is a system that empowers employees to perform routine administrative tasks themselves. Through an easy-to-use interface, employees can:

  • access their pay slips,
  • initiate requests for employer certificates,
  • initiate a shift change,
  • request leaves of absence,
  • update personal data (including name, address, bank account details),
  • retrieve training materials, and efficiently complete a range of other routine tasks.

Consider the self-service channel as a reliable digital companion, steadfastly supporting your workforce. It not only lessens the workload of HR, but also makes life easier for the employees.

4 essential features of a great self-service channel

  1. The foremost and key attribute of a great employee self-service channel lies in its multi-platform accessibility. This empowers individuals to effortlessly manage their affairs from virtually anywhere and at any time. All this without having to buy new equipment or learn new skills.

During developing CHEQ, we have also made sure that our app works well across multiple platforms and devices. CHEQ seamlessly operates on computers, smartphones, and terminals. It runs as a standalone app and is additionally downloadable via Microsoft Teams and Viber. This approach helps better adoption among employees.

  1.  GDPR compliance is a non-negotiable feature of any decent digital self-service channel. It must allow the secure transmission of encrypted documents to employees. This applies to sensitive items like pay slips and cafeteria specifics. At CHEQ, we’ve long upheld this practice, guaranteeing that all such documents are securely dispatched in encrypted form, reaching only their intended recipients.
  2. It meets all IT security standards. This establishes a safeguard against unauthorized access to stored data.
  3. A core objective of the employee self-service channel is to effectively fight HR overload. Thus, the capability to consolidate and manage incoming data within a central hub is of paramount importance. This expedites information processing and spares HR from the manual merging of data gathered from various sources.

A simple and intuitive system that everyone can navigate with ease. CHEQ is intentionally designed for ease of use, showcasing transparent processes and well-defined requests. Augmented by AI, the self-service channel provides supplementary user assistance, guaranteeing a seamless experience for all.

Benefits and features of a self-digital service channel

By this point, you’re likely recognizing the substantial value of the employee self-service channel as a highly beneficial digital HR assistant. It’s primed to aid employees in managing their matters around the clock, including nights and weekends (24/7), leading to heightened employee satisfaction and reducing unnecessary HR workload. Let’s delve deeper to give you an even more precise overview of the benefits of the self-service channel and what range of tasks it can adeptly perform.

Harnessing the Power of AI for Administrative Ease

1. Streamlined Employee Data Updates

Empower your workforce to keep their personal information up to date with the self-service channel. Say goodbye to outdated names on employer certificates due to marriage or divorce – employees can now efficiently make these changes themselves within the system. No more waiting for payment delays stemming from unreported bank account updates; employees can swiftly modify this crucial detail without enduring lengthy HR procedures.

2. Effortless Leave Management

The employee self-service channel grants seamless oversight of leave days. Not only can employees manage their available leave, but they can also monitor their work hours, overtime, and sick leave. Additionally, initiating a shift change is a breeze through the self-service channel, requiring a simple HR or supervisor approval to finalize the adjustment. This makes shift change management much easier.

3. Nixing Repetitive Queries

Frequent and repetitive employee questions present significant challenges for operational management and HR, often causing stress and consuming valuable time. While automating responses to frequently asked questions is easy to automate, the constant influx of these queries can hinder managers from focusing on critical responsibilities. Waiting for hours or days for answers that could be promptly provided through the self-service channel is far from an ideal situation for employees. It’s unsurprising that a recent survey revealed that 73% of employees are in favor of developing and implementing employee self-service channels.

Employees favour ESS channels

Experience the Advantages of the Self-Service Channel

1. Always accessible and it only takes a mobile

One significant advantage of employee self-service systems like CHEQ is their constant accessibility – right at your fingertips. This accessibility is made possible by smartphone compatibility, extending to both users and system administrators. As an HR administrator or manager, you can seamlessly approve requests or issue notifications, even while on-site at the factory.

2. Reduced error rate

Think of the employee self-service channel as a reliable digital aide, actively diminishing data inaccuracies. Traditional data collection methods involving manual form completion and subsequent digitization, or the importation of data from emails into a database, are notorious for generating errors. Rectifying these inaccuracies is a painstaking process.

In contrast, self-service systems consolidate and manage data within a singular platform. In the event of errant data entry, swift correction is facilitated. There’s no need to sift through emails or archived documents or navigate between different systems.

3. Heightened satisfaction and contentment among workers

As per a survey, a whopping 80% of employees desire simpler administrative processes for routine tasks. The most effective route to  this is through the implementation of a self-service channel. It empowers employees, eliminating the need to await HR intervention for administrative matters. The result? Enhanced satisfaction and contentment among employees, translating to a potential performance boost of up to 20% in the workplace. For sales professionals, this boost could even lead to a remarkable 37% increase in sales. Given this perspective, it becomes evident why 84% of HR managers surveyed in the Paychex Pulse of HR Survey deem an employee self-service channel indispensable for a company’s success.

4. Enhanced transparency

As previously mentioned, the self-service channel streamlines data collection and processing within a single hub. This equates to a notably more transparent and meticulously organized database. There’s no longer a necessity to search through files, emails, or various other locations for fragments of data. This heightened transparency subsequently amplifies efficiency and streamlines auditing processes.

Transparency is helped by a well-structured system with clearly defined roles and responsibilities.

5. Cost-Effective

The investment in implementing an employee self-service channel swiftly yields substantial returns. Moreover, upon the complete transition of the company to this administrative framework, overhead costs linked to paper and ink for printing, or the maintenance of parallel systems, are notably curtailed. Additionally, there are no extra expenses due to missed data updates like bank commissions for misdirected payments, among other potential costs. Self service channels reduce indirect costs such as the higher hourly wages expended on HR colleagues and managers for repetitive tasks that are primed for automation. Consequently these skilled professionals can channel their efforts into more valuable projects than simply addressing repetitive queries.

Why opt for CHEQ digital assistance

Amidst the array of employee self-service channels available to alleviate HR burdens and elevate employee contentment, you might wonder why choosing CHEQ stands out.

Our distinction lies not merely in furnishing an HR communication self-service channel. Right from the outset, we commit to supporting your journey toward successful channel development and seamless implementation. Every step of the way, our guidance and support are unwavering, extending well beyond the official launch. We assist you in effectively navigating the challenges inherent in implementing a self-service channel. No matter how good the system, it’s new for employees and managers alike. HR departments find it much easier to manage internal apprehension when supported by a partner with a track record of successful self-service implementation in many sectors.

73% of employees support the development and implementation of employee self-service channels.

CHEQ support for self-service channel implementation

1. Tailored feature development and design for your company

The initial and foremost step involves showcasing the advantages and characteristics of the self-service system to the company’s management. This paves the way for bringing all stakeholders together and initiating discussions on customizing the self-service channel to suit their requirements. This entails determining the preferred design that aligns with their corporate branding. Our subsequent actions are anchored in the decisions made during these discussions.

2. Communication and technical training

While our team of developers and graphic designers crafts the company’s exclusive self-service channel, another CHEQ team collaborates closely with staff and managers responsible for operating and utilizing the system from the corporate end. We help to set up the initial communication and technical training to make the implementation of the new communication channel smoother.

3. Satisfaction measurement, follow-up and software update

Post-implementation, we regularly gauge customer satisfaction and remain on standby to offer support, be it communication or technical in nature. Upon request, we’re prepared to provide additional system training whenever needed and can even contribute to devising a communication campaign. Moreover, ongoing software development and upkeep are integral parts of our commitment.   To delve deeper into the CHEQ self-service channel and its potential to bolster your operations, don’t hesitate to request a FREE demo!