The success of CHEQ lies not only in its powerful functions and features, but the expertise of our HR and organizational development team. We will hold your hand at every step of the way from implementation to everyday use to make sure your company gets the most out of our solution.


CHEQ is a lot more than a standalone communications tool, it is the imprint of company culture, the reflection of management image and the means to shape the narrative of internal communications. As such, it is imperative to find its role in the company’s communications strategy. Our experts along with our advisor partners are at your service to advise you on communications strategy for implementing the system, finding key employees to support the process, and becoming power-users of CHEQ. For effective corporate competencies, we offer our partner Ispiro Consulting for identifying any gaps in the organizational development

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Introduction of digitized internal communication

Leverage the experience of our implementation team providing you with a clear and detailed specification on the installation process, assisting you with determining your objectives, priorities, needs and matching the features, settings according to those. Our team continuously supports you with training and best practices to make sure that the implementation process is as fast and smooth as it can be.

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Content management

The success of a communications tool depends significantly on what is shared on it, and how professionally it is used. That’s why we support our clients with preparing communications campaigns aiming at onboarding employees and promoting engagement, as well as regular content ideas, that can be pre-scheduled in a content calendar. As communicating to all the colleagues through a chat platform is a new and innovative way, we train management and team leaders to create quick video announcements. In case of bigger need for content managing experiences as well as successful internal

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Branding and avatars

As CHEQ delivers company messages, values and vision, it is important that its visual appearance displays the company image. With customizable menu structure, colour scheme and designs, CHEQ can be fully branded to support the company culture. Company avatars are another creative - and fun! - way to further personalize the software and to set a tone and style of company communications.

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Successful businesses are powered by effective communications. The versatile use cases of CHEQ equip the organizations to be adaptive and prepare for all kinds of challenges, come either unexpected or on an everyday level.
Crisis communication | Leadership communication | Automated HR processes | Change management | Training and education | Remote workforce | Partner engagement

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