Digital HR – Save time for value-adding tasks

Random messages coming through random channels can be very time-consuming – and frustrating – for your HR department. Don’t spend precious time on putting out fires, and chasing messages, while risking to lose important information in the meantime.

Focus on the tasks that create value – With CHEQ, you can have it all:

  • a structured, direct, two-way communication channel to send and follow up personal, group or organizational messages,
  • a self-service portal for your colleagues to manage admin tasks like sick leaves, payslips and more,
  • an automated FAQ and knowledge base to answer their recurring questions without any personal interactions,
  • ad-hoc or pre-scheduled automated quick surveys, pulse checks and performance evaluations,
  • a data-based tool to back up your decisions and make a measurable impact.
  • előre ütemezni a kiküldendő üzeneteket, így előre gondolkodva sok munkaidő megtakarítható.

Automated HR-processes. CHEQ.

The digitalisation of HR processes has many benefits beyond the obvious increase in the efficiency of HR work:

  • Direct, undistorted communication
  • Everything can be accurately measured and traced
  • Immediate feedback about the employee having received and read the message addressed to them
  • Two-way communication between HR and employees
  • Sending official documents such as pay slips
Save time with CHEQ

Digital transformation

At the start of the digital transition, it’s worth assessing the digital affinity of the employees in your company. Questions such as what kind of device they have, whether they have some kind of internet subscription on their mobile, etc need to be addressed. Fortunately, Viber works well even on the cheapest entry-level phones. One of the big advantages of CHEQ is its multi-platform nature: it is available on Viber, MS Teams and native apps.

Firstly, it is worth thinking about what HR processes you want to digitise. The biggest efficiency gains are in digitising repetitive task, and where administrative processes require personal contact.

Several days of work can be saved by digitising payroll paperwork. If all employees receive their monthly documents via the app, queuing, signatures, printing and many other processes can be omitted. Digitalised HR can be an excellent and efficient tool for surveys within the company, collecting ideas and brainstorming. Employees receive a message with the questions and can answer them with a few clicks of a button, all the while their answers remain completely anonymous.