Digital Onboarding and E-learning – Train a winning team

Digitális Onboarding, E-learning

Whether it’s onboarding, fire safety and emergency training, work-related e-learning courses or knowledge tests, regular education is the backbone of any dynamic company.

Educate your team quickly and effectively.

  • Digitise and automate training by gathering all company-related knowledge uploaded to CHEQ
  • Take advantage of a variety of features to share videos, presentations, documents, and assess employee knowledge with tests, quizzes, surveys
  • Develop your colleagues’ soft and hard skills with short e-learning materials 
  • Keep training administration in one central place, send course contracts, certificates and other personal documents as confidential files. 
  • Inspire your colleagues by informing them about upcoming training opportunities.

Training and education. CHEQ.

Digital onboarding

A great number of tasks can be done easily and intuitively through CHEQ: learning about administrative, operational and corporate processes, integrating training and testing knowledge.

Train the workforce

With short e-learning materials optimised for mobile phones, you can increase the competence of blue-collar and office workers.

Set the target group

With CHEQs, you can easily send a message to all employees at once, or just to a specific group of them.

Schedule your communication

Plan ahead for important tasks and save time by scheduling regular surveys and training.

Make digital onboarding more exciting and digestible

with images, attachments, audio and video files using the message editor with wizard-based guidance, in several languages at once.

Send a personal message

Get in touch privately or answer the question you receive in a personal chat.

Reach them on multiple platforms

Employees can continue to use their favourite chat apps, as the CHEQ internal communication multiplatform is available on Viber, MS Teams or as a native app on their private or company smartphone.

Support your colleagues

A self-service based knowledge base and administration system, accessible from the chat menu, along with other content such as text, image and video content, .pdf and excel documents, and many other attachments.

Pulse check and quick questionnaires

Stay up to date: keep your finger on the pulse of the organisation with specific surveys, and polls. Schedule pulse surveys for employees or a selected group, with pre-recorded or even anonymous responses.

Follow survey results in real time

on the CHEQ analytics page. Check progress: collect and compare the results of repeated surveys, so you can use data-driven insights to examine changes within your organisation.