Change management – Embrace the change with CHEQ

Embrace the change - Change management with CHEQ

Organizational changes? Relocation of factories? Worldwide pandemic? Change always happens, and the quicker we adapt, the better off we are.

Manage change

  • Prepare your organization for change with CHEQ and expect the unexpected.
  • In addition to building an effective and efficient communication channel to each and every one of your workers, you can identify your key communicator colleagues, who can be involved in the fluent management of transitions.

Change management. CHEQ.

Change is a natural phenomenon in a company’s life Whether it’s a relocation, change in technology or management, the results have an impact on employees, partners and customers. The bad news is that most people are not fans of change. The good news is that CHEQ helps change management by supporting internal communication.

Why is communication important during change?

One of the leading reasons for the failure of corporate change is inadequate communication: inconsistent, insufficiently informative communication leads to confused employees and a negative attitude towards the process. Moreover, a lack of internal communication leaves the door open for rumours to spread. It goes without saying that colleagues want to know how the change will affect them, what the objectives are and how their working conditions will change. For the change to be accepted and successfully implemented, it is essential that employees see and understand the process and the need for it, therefore internal communication is an essential element of change management.

How does CHEQ help?

You can send individual messages to different groups of employees through CHEQ, whether they are for the whole company or just a single employee. The message is delivered securely to the recipients without any changes. Two-way communication is supported: colleagues can ask questions directly from the management, and more sensitive questions can be sent anonymously. Establish an effective, constructive dialogue, which is the key to successful change. Internal communication can be instant or scheduled, allowing colleagues to be informed of both ad hoc and long-term strategic situations. In addition to building an effective communication channel, you can identify internal influencers and key people to involve in the smooth management of the transformation. Prepare your organisation for change with CHEQ, expect the unexpected.