CHEQ Crisis – Free help for internal business communication during the coronavirus pandemic

CHEQ is an internal communication software with which you can reach all employees – even deskless workers – and stay in touch with them in all circumstances. At the same time, employees can also communicate with the HR department or the management.

CHEQ is, under normal circumstances, a subscription service with a fee. However, during the COVID-19 pandemic, we provide a free trial for companies and organisations without any restraint.

The coronavirus pandemic has been the topic of public debate for months now. There is complete uncertainty in connection with it when it comes to viewpoints and reactions, while the fear of it is noticeably increasing in certain fields.

Besides that, it is not at all certain if the virus itself is causing the most causalities or much rather the uncertainty and panic it creates. There are several signs in economics: stocks are falling, the operation of companies is struggling, laying off or shutting down. The orders, developments, KPI’s set for 2020 are being cancelled. The most important goals for leaders are to minimise any further loss, secure business continuity and maintain the productivity.

For this purpose, we would like to offer an instantly adaptable internal communication tool for companies with which the management can develop stronger bonds with the employees. This is CHEQ Crisis, the free version of our internal communication tool, CHEQ. During the pandemic, any company may use CHEQ Crisis for free for their unique communication purposes. The software runs on Viber on any smartphone without installing other applications.

This all sounds brilliant, but what features are available in CHEQ Crisis 2.0?

Discover the platform through the video:

Try it and experience the magic of effortless communication!

If you already have Viber or you have a desktop version, scan this QR code using your phone’s camera, or click on the green button.
If you don’t have Viber yet, download the application or the desktop version and come back here. You can download Viber on the following link:
This is what the CHEQ Crisis 2.0 communication chatbot will look like in your employees’ Viber chat list.

A great advantage of CHEQ is, that there is no need to install a separate application thus users do not need to update it constantly. Our software is accessible on any smart phone through Viber’s chat platform. As a result, the company can communicate easily with colleagues working on separate work stations or with the ones without a computer or an e-mail address.

After setting up Viber and opening the chat, a greeting message will welcome your employees so that they get an instant briefing about the privacy policy and the goals of the chatbot.

After the quick implementation of CHEQ Crisis, you can create a connection between the employees and the management instantly. The announcement sending feature is just as simple as sending an e-mail but 80% more efficient. The announcements sent by the management can be accessed in the Viber account. This way, you can prevent the spreading of fake news concerning the company and also handle rumours within the firm. Based on our experience, a caring company management is especially needed and appreciated by employees in such concerning situations.

Furthermore, employees can communicate individually and directly as well using the “Personal question” menu option and through the solution provided by the software, they can even ask anonymous questions from the management with the “Anonymous question” feature.

This opportunity has contributed to increasing the employees' trust towards management.
With the help of the software management can measure the employees’ satisfaction rate or motivation . With the help of the Pulse Check function a survey can be sent out to specific user groups (created by the management) wich is answerable with just one tap of a button

Using CHEQ Crisis 2.0, you’ll bridge the gap between the employees and management within only few hours.

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Where there is a workforce of at least 50 people, and where the digital internal communication is not fully covered, i.e. companies where there is a large number of physical workers

Really. There is no catch. Of course, we are glad if many people use CHEQ, that’s why we created it in the first place, to improve and speed up the communication of a large number of companies and employees. Our goal is to make internal communication as effective as possible, but coronavirus is not a business matter. The news and events of the last few weeks have made us share what we have: a safe, restricted channel between workers and the company, especially where digital communication has not been developed yet, especially at companies where mainly physical workers are employed.

We provide free use for a minimum of 60 days and considering the current situation we may even extend that. Please contact us regarding further use. You can acquire more information by e-mail: or on our Infoline +36708865467

CHEQ offered free software use to companies to make crisis communication simpler and to avoid panic. If your company wants to use it for something else, please contact us by email: or on our Infoline: +36708865467 



If the company doesn’t want further use, then the established channel will close, we will inform you about this beforehand and we will hand over all data digitally.

Yes. CHEQ is an internal communication software where the employee authentication guarantees that company messages are only delivered internally. Joining CHEQ is a quick, easy process, and 90% of the employees already have Viber installed on their phones, with which they can use the service. 

  • Company announcements: the management of the company may notify all workers/certain groups with an instant message
  • Anonymous questions for the management: all employees may ask questions from the management without name and fear
  • Daily routine CHEQ: daily follow-up with routine questions to check if workers abide by the hygiene rules

CHEQ Crisis has features developed specifically to help reduce the spread of coronavirus, you can use them as you would please.

From the employer side, we assign 3 administrational rights by default, which can be used by the HR department, the occupational doctor and the management independently as well as simultaneously. Besides that, all employees can access the company’s own chatbot channel through Viber without any restriction.

CHEQ is currently available on Microsoft Teams and Viber. Microsoft Teams is an enterprise software that’s available on computer and mobile, while Viber is the number one chat platform in Hungary, installed on the mobiles of 9 out of 10 people.  We recommend using CHEQ Crisis for free on the Viber messaging app, as an employee can subscribe quickly, possibly under a minute.

We process the applications within 24 hours and contact the appropriate person. Once the application is approved by both parties, it takes 1-3 working days to implement CHEQ for the whole company.

Applications are submitted through the website via a contact form, we will contact you based on that. Due to the information you give us in the application, we can quickly create your company’s software. Things that are missing but are easily completable: order form; consultation regarding data management; list of workers – which can be submitted anonymously (e.g. company registration number), or you may add in further information, if you would like to use different sorts of communication due to more sites or establishments. We can give you advice regarding these topics.

Once the administration is dealt with (standard contract terms, data management), then we’ll send you a user manual, with which you can easily learn the basics. Besides that, we will create a dedicated channel where our colleagues will give you constant assistance to help you fully utilize CHEQ Crisis.

Once a message is sent, you will see the read-rate, who read it, and loads of other different statistics on the admin interface that will help you make your internal communication even more effective.

The developer of CHEQ is Talk-A-Bot, which is working together with several banks, utility companies, and international enterprises, who audit the operation regularly.  The management and processing of data stored in our system is stated in the contract.

Due to Microsoft Azura and Amazon Web Service technologies, CHEQ provides a reliable and fast cloud solution, the expenses of which are covered by Talk-A-Bot ltd.

You have to make this decision. We think it’s important that you communicate in all cases. Assure the employees that you’re as prepared as you can be for any scenario. During the time of the service, we undertake to send you recommendations for communication and use.