Bridge the communication gap between workers and employers with chat

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What is Cheq?

Cheq is the right tool to bridge the communication gap between physical workers and their employers.

Neither the existing uncontrolled chat groups nor the overly complicated productivity softwares will help your COMMUNICATION with your workers. In contrast Cheq is providing a simple, but multifunctional CHATBOT that leverages cutting-edge technology. Workers receive real-time, reliable information from their employer and not only verbally from the supervisors. Announcements can be sent out easily to a target group and the responses are reported live.

Why Cheq?

Potential application areas include traditional industries with a large amount of blue collar or physical workers such as automotive, pharmaceuticals, logistics, agriculture, architectural services, building, clothing manufacturing, constructing, farming, food products manufacturing, logging, timbering, waste management and so on.

  • FAQ
  • Hazard Reports
  • Payslip
  • Certificate of employement
  • Doulingo type trainings
  • and so much more...

Choose the most efficient

Six main functions, but luckily every package has all of them included. The only thing which makes them different is the amount of worforce you have.

Contact us to get your personilazed price
Cheq supports 6 functions, which are all included in every package. The price is calculated by the amount of workforce your company has.