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It is important to measure and interpret employee satisfaction

Measuring employee satisfaction is extremely important as it provides valuable insights into employee behaviour, attitudes, experiences and ideas. Armed with this information, HR and management can take steps to support the retention of talented employees and contribute to the success of the company. Perhaps never before has measuring and interpreting employee satisfaction been as important […]

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The EU AI Act and CHEQ

As Artificial Intelligence (AI) becomes more and more embedded in different aspects of our daily lives, concerns about the potential risks and ethical implications of AI are growing. The EU has recently approved the content of the AI Act, a comprehensive regulatory framework that aims to address these concerns and promote the trusted and responsible […]

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Organise a family day easily using CHEQ

More and more companies are organising family open days for their employees and their families. The idea is to create a stronger and more cohesive community and to shape and strengthen the company culture while everyone has fun at the event. This has a positive impact on employee and overall company performance. However, organising, managing […]

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