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There are 2.2 billion people with no company e-mail address or any other digital communication channel by their employer in industries such as automotive, pharmaceuticals, construction or logistics. They all want the same: fast, simple, digital communication. They’re kept in the past of poor management communication although all of them have smartphones.

Talk-A-Bot is an enterprise chatbot provider company backed by Techstars. We offer chatbot as a full-range solution for corporate clients and major brands. CHEQ is based on a proven, award-winning chatbot framework developed by Talk-A-Bot. This system supports banks, government bodies and passed various IT security tests. Our data management is fully GDPR compliant. It’s a secure, personal, information-rich, one-on-one interaction. We provide the necessary database integration and integration with most common software solutions used by HR.

Our chatbot is perfectly suited for communicating ad-hoc problems in the company, calling an employee or a whole team later, pushing a shift start, or calling a complete team to another location. With CHEQ, an employee can gain access to personal information about him / her, such as monthly earnings, number of days off, and can proactively organize his / her time off work, such as applying for leave, reporting sick leave.

However, CHEQ does not stop here. It gives you the opportunity to improve your commitment to your employees by making it easy for workers to overcome difficulties of training. Also for development department to support employee development by providing continuous feedback.

Feedback from trainings, activity measurement, or the reaction to any information that may support a career may be a sign of a firm caring about its workforce. We believe that addressing issues of concern, delivering effective information flow and opportunities for timely development within your company can reduce fluctuations and increase your commitment within the company.

Last but not least, CHEQ would like to support workers outside of the company. Through our chatbot, a number of discounted benefits for employees are available. Instead of paper, plastic-based coupons and cards, the company will get digital feedback on what really interests colleagues, thus improving bargaining power towards other partners.


Communication is a key element of any job. CHEQ has proved reliability and performance to communicate with hundreds of thousands of people simultaneously: enables a tracked, supervised, top-down official communication using chatbots.


Improve communication with workers without increasing management effort. Automate the most frequent employee-originated requests. Content and reporting can be customized based on the field, or local culture and processes.

Issue reporting

Monitor, report and manage what happens within the organization.

Business benefits

CHEQ allows organizational announcements and other news to be sent to the entire organization or part of it (shift, department, etc.) and workers can communicate in a structured way to the management (announcements, requests) and access self-service functions (policies, forms).

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