CHEQ packages to meet your requirements

As internal communications is essential for every company’s successful operations, the basic CHEQ functions are included in all three of our packages, meaning that no matter which option you choose, you get a full-featured, ready-to-use communications tool. On the other hand, CHEQ can be fully customized to fit the unique needs of different industries and it can be flexibly integrated to your existing systems.

Essential CHEQ

The essential and ready to use package suitable for any company size including the most popular features and out of the box integrations.


Instant and scheduled messages to the selected worker groups (text, image, video)

Templates to help create announcements

Omnichannel communication with employees: Viber, Microsoft Teams, native application

Guide book with ideas and tips for internal communication

Employee opinion and mood surveys, pulse check

Out-of-the-box gamification campaigns

Invitation to the Access to a closed community of professionals using CHEQ

Out-of-the-box integration: Microsoft Azure Active Directory, Moodle e-learning

Customized CHEQ

Our most popular package that includes system customization to fit the needs and culture of the company.


Essentials CHEQ features +

Displaying employer brand

Graphic and stylistic customization to match brand personality

Menu structures filtered for target groups

Making existing e-learning and onboarding materials available

Digitalized administration - live chat-based tickets to organise HR, payroll and other tasks

Industry-specific extensions

Personalised internal communication plan for the first two months

Sharing best practices for digitisation - consultation and planning

Automated FAQs (with unlimited topics)

Expert CHEQ

We recommend this package for larger organisations and unique needs.


Customized CHEQ features +

Diagnosis of organisational communication culture and communication strategy development

Skills development trainings

Campaign design and delivery


Digitalisation and creation of e-learning and onboarding materials

Integration with existing internal systems, e.g. SAP, NEXON

Custom development to automate processes based on unique needs

System installation in the company's own data centre

Outsourcing of internal communication tasks