CHEQ packages to meet your requirements

As internal communications is essential for every company’s successful operations, the basic CHEQ functions are included in all three of our packages, meaning that no matter which option you choose, you get a full-featured, ready-to-use communications tool. On the other hand, CHEQ can be fully customized to fit the unique needs of different industries and it can be flexibly integrated to your existing systems.

Essential CHEQ

Easily created instant messages from HQ to the frontline Announcements - wizard based Employee surveys, pulse checks

Közlemények készítése varázslóval munkavállalói felmérések, pulzusmérések

Automated FAQ answering frequently asked questions automatically

Digitized administration - live chat based ticketing to automate and organize HR, IT and other tasks

Multi channel communication with employees: Rakuten Viber, Microsoft Teams, native application

Analytics to measure and develop efficiency of your internal communication.

Out of box integration: Teams AD, Moodle e-learning

Customized CHEQ

Essentials CHEQ features +

Customization and consultation

Industry-specific or other add ons such as

Target group configurator

E-learning and onboarding

Hazard Report

Expense management

Car sharing module

Expert CHEQ

Customized CHEQ features +

Integration to existing systems such as SAP, NEXON

Communication strategy and content management consultancy

Communication culture diagnosis and communication strategy development