We design all in one tech solution for the complex needs of the blue collar sector.

Client: a world leading multinational engineering and electronics company headquartered in Germany. Its core operating areas are spread across four business sectors; mobility solutions (hardware and software solutions), consumer goods (including household appliances and power tools), industrial technology (including drive and control) and energy and building technology.


When workers are dissatisfied they strike and get help from trade unions to achieve their common goals. Solving these disagreements between employees and firms are difficult and take time. Even if big companies have some kind of official communication channels, laborers speak with each other personally, through social media channels, or in closed groups. In contrast what they got is a highly formal, supervisor mediated message from their bosses. Most of the time there is no real communication, and no discussion never leads to a solution.

What can firms do to develop their communication? Speak to their employees internally, efficiently, and personally on a platform they already use. Send them push messages when formal e-mails are not enough anymore. Reach the community on a new, different platform. On chat.


One to one communication with masses, accessible information from anywhere, Frequently Asked Questions in one place instead of using a human persons and their office hours to answer the same HR questions every single time, manage vacation documents what could be managed automatically, manage shifts and questions connected to wages or other benefits.

We developed a chatbot within a specific internal application and a website chat widget for them. It is available for iOS and Android.

When it does not able to handle a question employees can ask for a hybrid chat means a real human person continues the conversation.

All workers are profiled, so the chatbot can give personalized answers based on their work location and position, etc. The application is integrated with the company’s HRP system by SAP system, so employers can monitoring and tracking communication: alerts, push messages, surveys


  • For 30,000 employees
  • Downloaded for more than 1000 times within one day
  • Now 60% of questions are answered automatically and the remaining 40% requires human interaction. The knowledge base is continuously updated

Above the chatbot the app features:

  • Daily food menu per site
  • Continuously updated site bus schedule (30 buses)
  • Discounts exclusive for company employees at specific stores in one place, no need for paper coupons anymore. They are available and useable immediately within the app.

Planned developments:

  • Lifelong learning: even a chatbot learns all the time. The goal is to achieve 80% automated response by improving its knowledge base.
  • Wage calculator – helps to count with shifts, overtime and always changing wages

We realized that blue-collar or physical workers don’t have a corporate communication tool in the digital space though they also have smartphones and have a need for it. Therefore they use free messaging platforms like Whatsapp or Facebook groups to communicate with each other. Most of the time their group leader operates these group chats but for different shifts or different departments, they need to make another group… and another. These are not eligible for formal communication at all. A corporate communication without any monitoring or tracking can be risky and cause huge damages on many levels.

In Southeast Asia, big companies work with many different people with different ethical, cultural or language background. It’s not unusual that they are functionally illiterate even if they use chat platforms and send voice messages.

Cheq and it’s greatly simple interface is a perfect communication tool for everyone. It’s the very same messaging platform so do Messenger or Whatsapp but in the meantime it is:

  • trackable, monitorable, you see who has seen your message, who is in or out of the group
  • helping with managing the workflow, you can send out internal policies, announcements to specific employers
  • handling holiday requests sick leave reports or any other personal documents
  • simpler and faster, because it’s one channel for everything
  • the best way to communicate with your workers

63% of the voluntary leaves happens because the employees think that the company lied to them about bonuses, shift wages etc. Certainly, that’s most of the time not true, but they feel it because of the chaotic communication, the community “townhall type” meetings (means if the worker once missed it, won’t get the information) and the unclear policies.

Cheq is also the perfect option to report sexual harassment or internal conflicts through anonim messages. It is able to broadcast the voice of the first line workers to the global HQ.  Our vision is a better and transparent communication, a consolidated, developed market for fast fashion supply chains in India or logistic firms in Thailand.

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